Panasoft specializes in Security, Asset Management and Transportation Technology Solutions, with more than 25 years of experience in engineering, production systems, and operations systems in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Panamá. We offer to:

Panasoft is a factory representative of Ultra Long Range Hands-Free RFID Readers, Tags, Accessories, and Software for Vehicle Identification, Asset Loss Prevention and Real-Time Inventory, Visitor and Employee Monitoring, and Emergency Evacuation and Mustering. Panasoft also provides Ultrasound Real-Time Location Systems, Wireless Wiegand Access Control for Gates and Doors, and Inmate House Arrest Systems.

Panasoft also is a supplier of hardware and software for other Surveillance, Sensor, Retail Chain Automation, and Supply Chain Automation Solutions.


RFID Technology

Ultra Long Range RFID Readers and Tags provide an accurate and Real-Time ability to detect, track, control and monitor vehicles, assets, inventory, and personnel. This dynamic technology can be applied to operations and processes in all types of industries.

RFID Readers to fit various applications:


RFID Tracking and Monitoring of: